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Stadium Policies

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To ensure a safe and family friendly environment, the Bluefish ask that you refrain from the following behavior, which is strictly prohibited:
a)      smoking at The Ballpark at Harbor Yard
b)     selling or otherwise distributing alcoholic beverages or any drug or intoxicant
c)      entering the playing field and/or interfering with a play in any way
d)     engaging in rowdy, profane, abusive, inconsiderate, drunken, or other inappropriate behavior
e)      causing property damage
Engaging in the above prohibited conduct is cause for ejection and may be cause for loss of season ticket privileges, arrest, and prosecution.

To ensure that all guests have a safe visit to The Ballpark at Harbor Yard, the following items may not be carried into the ballpark:
a)      alcoholic beverages
b)     illegal drugs
c)      weapons of any kind
d)     fireworks

The Bluefish not only provide a safe environment, but also a family friendly environment where guests of all ages may enjoy the game. For this reason the following items are also prohibited from the ballpark:
a)      bags of any kind, excluding small hand purses
b)     food or beverages
c)      coolers or containers, including cans and bottles
d)     video equipment, professional cameras, and audio recorders
e)      pets, except service animals assisting those with disabilities
f)       folding chairs
g)      noise makers, bullhorns, air horns
h)     helium balloons, beach balls
i)       other items that in the judgment of ballpark management pose a safety hazard or diminish the enjoyment of the game by other patrons
Individuals that attempt to bring a prohibited item(s) into the ballpark may be denied admission, ejected, arrested, prosecuted, and may forfeit the privileges of their season tickets. In addition, any prohibited items will be confiscated.